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Ok, so we all know we should recycle. But, sometimes, we just toss things into our recycling bins willy-nilly, thinking Hooray! I will recycle this! But, are the things we stick in that bin really recyclable? Here’s a cheat sheet to help you learn what can and can’t get another life.

Paper and Cardboard: You can recycle everything from junk mail to newspaper, as long as it’s clean and dry. Same goes for cardboard.  The key words here are clean and dry. That greasy pizza box? No way! Left your newspaper out in the rain? No can do.

Metal: You can recycle all aluminum, tin, metal, or bi-metal cans. Rinse them out too, to make sure you’re not sending a little bit of cat food or something into the machines. It might not be required in your region, but it’s still good to do.

Glass: We love glass here at JMC because it’s recyclable! This includes everything from your 100% Pure Argan Oil bottle to that empty jar of spaghetti sauce. Accidentally dropped your empty bottle of wine? That’s okay! Broken bottles are fine. But, not all broken glass is. Glass from mirrors and light bulbs is sometimes not allowed. Check your local sanitation department’s website to learn their broken glass rules.

Plastics: Now, here’s where it gets tricky. You know that little recycling triangle on the bottom of plastic items with a mysterious number inside? That tricky number identifies the type of plastic used in the container. Check out this link for more info on all the numbers. What can and can’t be recycled depends on your region. Numbers one and two are generally good—consult your local site for info on the rest. 

Images via: West Elm, Southern Living, Apartment Therapy

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