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Did you know? JMC is all about “Luxury with a Conscience” because our products are made from good-for-your-body-and-the-planet ingredients. But there's more good to JMC than meets the eye (or the skin): we also give back to the community. Being kind and conscious really matters to us, and we know it matters to our customers, too. Here are some of the ways in which your JMC purchases help make the world a better place:

City of Hope & GOGO Mascara

Prettifying your lashes can help cancer survivors feel pretty too. For every tube of GOGO Instant Natural Volume Argan Mascara purchased, our Give One Get One campaign donates another mascara to a City of Hope cancer patient or survivor. After 5,000 mascaras have been donated, the campaign continues to donate $1 per mascara to women’s cancer research at City of Hope.

Bear Naked Wipes

With the ice melting under their big, furry paws, polar bears need a little human help. You can give them that helping hand when you buy a pack of Bear Naked Wipes. A portion of each sale goes to the Natural Resources Defence Council’s Polar Bear SOS Initiative. 

Moroccan Women’s Co-Ops & Sustainable Harvest

In 2002, the Moroccan government helped establish women's cooperatives to manufacture Argan Oil--while providing Moroccan women with a steady income, fair wage, and healthy working conditions, as well as literacy and education classes. The co-ops also give women a sense of empowerment in a traditionally male-dominated society. Dedicated to responsible harvesting practices, reforestation projects, and environmental protection policies, this program helps preserve Argan forests and women's jobs. The purchase of Josie’s 100% Pure Argan Oil contributes to their success. 


Each time we source our 100% Pure Argan Oil, we donate a portion of our purchase price to Marocavie, a charitable organization in Morocco dedicated to improving economic, social, and environmental conditions in the Southwestern regions of Morocco, where Argan Oil is harvested. The organization works to improve education for children, provide socio-economic opportunities for families, and prevent the spread of the desert and rural exodus.

We know that you, our beloved customers, are out there doing good things for the world too. Tell us how you contribute to the well being  of others, and you’ll have a chance to win your shade of Argan Matchmaker Powder Foundation SPF 20. Just type your answer into the comments section. We'll announce our world-changing winner on Monday, July 30. 



31 WEEKS & MOTHER'S DAY winner


Thank you to all of you who entered our Mother’s Day giveaway. We loved reading your heartfelt and loving memories. Myda’s story of her family coming together on Mother’s Day in the wake of such incredible sadness to celebrate Mom brought tears to our eyes. Congratulations, Myda. Sounds like you have a truly amazing family. 



Thanks to Stacey for giving us a fresh fresh take on a green beauty routine. A simple three ingredient recipe, this is a perfect scrub for spring. Congrats Stacey! We hope you love our 100% Pure Argan Oil. 



Happy Friday! Today I want to give you a few tips about greening your beauty routine. Even though the products you choose are important of course, there is also something to be said for getting a little DIY, too! Since my 100% Pure Argan Oil is, well, pure and just one ingredient, it's easy to incorporate into your favorite home beauty routine. There is also something to be said for what you don't use. Check out my tips. Plus:

I want to know, what are your favorite DIY recipes that incorporate my 100% Pure Argan Oil? The winner will get a free bottle!

Please comment below and include your email address. Only U.S. and Canada residents are eligible to win. The winner will be announced on Facebook on Friday, April 20. 

1. Try a Homemade Brightening Masque
I love beauty products, but sometimes a simple at-home treatment does wonders for the skin. One of my favorites is a yogurt masque. Simply take a quarter cup of your favorite plain, greek yogurt and use a paintbrush to apply it to your face. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes. If it begins to dry out, drape a damp washcloth over your face to keep moisture in. Rinse, being sure to remove all the yogurt. The lactic acid in the yogurt will help dissolve dead skin and impurities, leaving your face looking bright and rejuvenated.  Be sure to moisturize with 100% Pure Argan Oil right after washing your face to nourish the skin. 

2. Get Dirty
If you wash and style your hair every day, you're doing a whole lot of work and putting an unnecessary strain on the environment. Instead, keep your blowout for a few extra days by using a dry shampoo. You can simply sprinkle it on your roots and rub it in to get rid of any excess oil. You'll save water and electricity by not washing your hair or turning on your blow dryer. Over time, your scalp will get used to not being washed every day and will stop producing so much oil. 

3. Say No to Synthetic
One of the most important things to me when I was creating my line was to ensure that my products contain no synthetic fragrance. Many synthetic fragrances contain phthalates which can disrupt the endocrine system and damage the reproductive system. Essential oils are such an amazing alternative. Look for all natural perfumes, or go to the health food store and pick up a few of your favorite essential oils to create your own unique blend! 


MY HERO Winner

Kim, we wish your mom happiness, health and recovery! Your story melted our hearts—your mom truly sounds like a brave and strong woman. Congratulations on your win and send our love to her from our whole team! To all of the people that sent us stories of your heroes, we thank you so much. You inspire us daily.

Have a great weekend!


WOMEN'S WEEK Your Hero Giveaway

Now it's your turn! Who are the women heroes in your life? How are they making the planet a better place? Why do you want to celebrate them this International Women's Day?

Email your entries (50-150 words) along with a photo of your hero (585 pixels wide) HERE and you may win a bottle of 100% Argan Oil to gift this person, plus your entry will be featured on our blog on Friday.

Cheers to the strong women in the world!

*Entries valid until 12pm PST on Friday, March 9. U.S. and Canada residents only.



To read all of the submissions for the Share the Love Giveaway was wonderful and brought us to tears. We can't thank you enough for taking the time to share your love with us. And to Pam, you're an inspiration! May we all stop and see the love and beauty in the world more often.



At Josie Maran Cosmetics, LOVE is the inspiration for what we do.  My first child, Rumi Joon, inspired me to start Josie Maran Cosmetics and make it safe and eco-friendly.  My husband is my business partner.  My mother works with the company. And through Josie Maran Cosmetics I have grown my family to include the people who work with me.  They are all equally passionate about beauty, health, the environment, what they do, and their own families.  

During the month of February, we would like to invite you to share your love story on Facebook with us.  It can be the love you have for your mom, your partner, your child, or your pet...however you express and define the love in your life, we want to hear about it!  At the end of the month we will chose one story that inspires us the most and it will be featured here on Chicological! Plus, the winner gets a SHARE THE LOVE one-of-a-kind gift. 

And not to fear, if you are shy about posting your story, you can still share in the love on our website with 15% off your order (*excludes Good Buys) with code: sharelove

Tell us your story and enter to win here.



For all you other moms and moms-to-be out there, I hope you've taken advantage of my celebration over on our site! Enjoy 10% off until January 31, 2012 on my Moms-To-Be collection here by simply using this code at checkout: Baby#2

And from now until next Friday, enter for a chance to win our Argan Balm and our Argan Bear Naked Wipes, two of my mama must-haves! I carry these items with me everywhere because you just never know when you or your baby are going to need cleansing and hydration. To win, simply leave a comment telling me how you spend fun time with your child in the comments section below. As you can see, Rumi and I like to be birds!

The winner will be anounced here and on Facebook on Monday, February 6.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Open to U.S. and Canada residents only.



Ms. Icy gave us a very simple answer to our question, "What is your favorite escape?", but with one look at a photograph of the lavender fields in Japan and you can't help but feel the peace and tranquility.

Congratulations Icy and thank you for sharing this beautiful part of the world with us!