ECO TIPS Happy Holidays 


While scrambling to get gifts for everyone on our list before the onslaught of holiday parties, it’s easy to let our eco-conscious ways fall by the wayside. Here are our tips for getting things back on track while still enjoying the spirit of the season. 

Think Beyond the Gift Bag: Endless piles of crumpled gift-wrap makes us (and the trees) oh so sad. So what’s our solution? Eco gift-wrap! Try wrapping gifts in paper bags, newspaper, or old sheet music. Add some twine and a fresh piece of greenery and you’ve got a cute little package!

Get Smelly: We love all the wonderful scents of the holidays—fresh spruce, spicy cinnamon, warm cookies. Instead of spritzing something synthetic, scent your home the natural way by simmering cinnamon sticks in a few cups of water on the stove or placing a dish with a few tablespoons of vanilla extract in the oven at a low heat.

Decorate with Nature: Take inspiration from Josie’s Thanksgiving mantel decoration, and find things outdoors to decorate your house with. Try fresh evergreen clippings or a few pinecones as festive table decorations. Once you’re done with them, you can return your decorations to the outdoors, minimizing waste and consumption.

Images via:

House of Anais

Midwest Living

Goddess Place

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