WHAT WE'RE EATING Earth Day 2012

Happy Earth Day everyone! We try to be good to Mother Earth all year round, but Earth Day is a great reminder to live in a sustainable, eco-friendly way that ensures the success of our amazing planet. A great way to be good to the Earth is through one of my favorite activities: eating! In honor of Earth Day, try to go to the farmer's market and buy local organic produce. If you don't have time to go, a great alternative is a local CSA box. If you're a meat eater, try to buy organic, hormone-free meats. And, I always try to be nice to the chickens and buy organic, free-range eggs. Delicious and eco! In honor of Earth Day, here are some of the yummy things we're eating in the office this week. What's your favorite Earth Day recipe?

Healthy Green Kitchen Alana's Vanilla Pudding

Deliciously Organic Kale Salad with Currants and Walnuts

Food and Wine Grilled Vegetable Sandwich

The Italian Dish Blog The Collinzano Cocktail

Smitten Kitchen Shaved Asparagus Pizza

Kitchenist Chopped Tusanesque Salad

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Organic and free-range doesn't mean much on meats and eggs. Look for 'pasture raised'. It's amazing how deceptive companies can be with their labeling when they think their consumers will buy things just based on 'hot' eco words. Anything for an extra buck.

April 20, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterAnon

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