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What's better than snuggling up in your bed with a book, or sitting by your bedroom window with a cup of tea?In the spirit of making our quiet havens even more beautiful, here are our eco tips for getting your boudoir green and gorgeous. 

Bundle Up: Around this time of year, it can be tempting to crank the heat in your bedroom to make things a little cozier. But try putting a few extra blankets on your bed instead. Not only will it help keep your energy bill lower, studies have also shown that people sleep more deeply when the air around them is comfortably cool rather than steaming hot. 

HEPA Help: Think about it: you spend a huge chunk of your life snoozing away in your bedroom. So don’t you want the air you breathe while you snore to be the cleanest it can be? HEPA air purifiers can help—they pull impurities from the air and help prevent you and your family from developing allergies, asthma and sinus problems. 

Go Organic: You know how we love all things organic! Take a look at changing your bedding to an organic version. You spend a huge amount of time with your sheets and comforters, so upgrading to organic ensures that you aren’t breathing in toxins from your blankets as you sleep. We’re currently loving this organic cotton and linen set.  


Images via: Glamorous Chic, Elements of Style, Lovers in Vain

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Wonderful ideas and I might add have a bottle of Calm argan body oil in that bedroom for pure bliss.

January 8, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterVictoria

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