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Decorating your home or apartment can be a long and very personal process—after all, you want the way your house looks and feels to reflect who you are! But buying all your goods new can also take its toll on the environment. Think about your furniture! Remember all the crazy cardboard boxes it came in? The truck that delivered it? Not so great for Mama Earth. But believe it or not, it is possible to give the planet a breather while still crafting a splendidly unique ambience—one that really is, entirely your own.

Paint It: Before you decide to go crazy and redecorate your place, think about painting instead. Changing the paint on the walls can instantly reinvigorate a dull room. Instead of just choosing a new version of taupe, try green (make sure it’s non-toxic!) Green has been shown to instantly improve your mood!  

Mix Old & New: Instead of buying all new things, mix some old with new. Hit up flea markets, Salvation Army, Good Will and eBay for items that are vintage or used. Your home will have a more unique look—one that’s perfectly reflective of your taste.

Bamboo is Best: Have you ever planted bamboo in your backyard? The stuff takes off and spreads like crazy. Bamboo is resilient and grows very quickly, making it a great, sustainable material for homes. Consider bamboo flooring or furniture. And a little bamboo plant in a pot makes a cheerful bright green addition to any room.

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Love the flooring! Bamboo is wonderful as is hemp. I never would have thought to actually plant bamboo in my yard, but I imagine it is not going to grow as well in a cold canadian climate.

March 19, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterelizabeth

Hi Elizabeth:
Thanks for your comment! We love hemp too--especially for clothing! I think if you buy a little bamboo plant in a pot, it will probably do very well inside. Plus, bamboo requires very little maintenance so you'll get this gorgeous green plant without much effort!

Annalise from JMC

March 20, 2013 | Registered CommenterCHICOLOGICAL

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