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In the world of beauty, December is joyful, spirited and inevitably, our busiest time of the year. Come the weekend, we all look forward to a chance to wind down, take a deep breath and forget for a moment the mile-high stacks of products and the late evenings working hard. For some of us it's yoga to relax, for others it's spending a Saturday reading, but for the rest of us. . .especially in this chilled air, it's a holiday sip that we look forward to. Hey, a Hot Toddy with fresh lemon has been known to ward off a cold.

So we share with you our favorite seasonal concoctions.



BBC: Mulled Wine

Cocktail Remedy: Wassail

Martha Stewart: Eggnog Cocktail

The Kitchn: Pumpkin Buttered Rum

Deliciously Organic: Cranberry Amaretto Kiss

Sweet Tea & Stilettos: Hot Toddy