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DO GOOD International Women's Day

How was your International Women's Day? 

This day of celebrating women—from empowering them through education and initiatives, highlighting their successes, and commending the heroes among us—is so important. Over 100 years old, it has been celebrated here and throughout the world to bring attention to women's rights and to advocate for peace for all humans. It's amazing to think how much it's grown since beginning! It's now an official holiday in many countries. 

I'm proud to say that Josie Maran Cosmetics commends and supports causes that directly affect the lives of women. From my continued working relationship with Marocavie Association and the Berber women of Morocco who are bettering their communities (and who produce Argan Oil), to my involvement with City of Hope as they fight cancer, it has always been important to me to stand by my fellow females.

And so now I have some news to share. Come April, I have a very special product that is going to benefit Women for Women International among other organizations. It's a surprise as of yet, but it's going to be huge! So, in the meantime, I ask that you:

Educate yourself on Women for Women International. This organization is doing great things to help heal and empower women survivors of war. Come time to reveal my big news, you'll be an expert!

If you want to get more involved, check out their great resources.

And stay posted for April!


WOMEN'S WEEK Your Hero Giveaway

Now it's your turn! Who are the women heroes in your life? How are they making the planet a better place? Why do you want to celebrate them this International Women's Day?

Email your entries (50-150 words) along with a photo of your hero (585 pixels wide) HERE and you may win a bottle of 100% Argan Oil to gift this person, plus your entry will be featured on our blog on Friday.

Cheers to the strong women in the world!

*Entries valid until 12pm PST on Friday, March 9. U.S. and Canada residents only.



March 8 is International Women's Day and I thought, why just celebrate a day? Let's give it a week! On Thursday, I'll tell you how you can DO GOOD for women and on Friday I'll be giving away a little gift to the female heroes in your life.  But today I thought I'd share a little about the women warriors in my life.

My mom, Roberta Maran, is my rock and foundation. Even though I'm grown, she still guides me to be a balanced person, a stronger woman and the best mom I can be. She is truly the original "Chicological" girl—she was doing eco and hip well before anyone else was! Her giant heart and generous spirit fill my life and her sense of style and eye for good things fill our offices and my home with warmth.

Rumi Joon is not only my sweet kid, she's also my little best friend and a tremendous source of inspiration! She was the reason I started this company—I wanted a better world and future for her. When I look at her,  I see someone who will grow up to change the world! But right now, she's bettering mine. Plus, she's hilarious.

My aunt and my grandmother, Meredith and Rita, are brilliant, tough and have paved the way not only for me to follow my dream of helping the planet, but also for others. Meredith is author of countless novels, a speaker and a community activist. My grandma Rita is a professor of International Rights, author and lecturer who has always fought for the voiceless.

I'm so lucky to have a life filled with these beautiful women and today I celebrate them!


DO GOOD World Wetlands Day

I have many mantras, but one of the most important is one that sticks with me in every part of my life: "Doing Good is a Beautiful Thing."

And it is a beautiful thing. In 2012, I wanted to share more with you about how you can do good in the world and for the world. Today is World Wetlands Day and though you may not have celebrated it last year, I hope you take a moment to consider how important this ecosystem is. The planet's wetlands not only hold an abundance of plant and animal life, but it's estimated that three million people die a year when wetland destruction prohibits access to clean drinking water!

Donate, volunteer and follow America's Wetland Foundation, which protects and preserves coastal areas threatened by environmental damage.

Explore the EPA's site about Wetlands Protection to educate yourself on the issue. 

Outside of the U.S.? Ramsar is a great resource for wetlands preservation globally.

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