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JOSIE'S PICKS Winter Night In

Sure, the weather has been balmy here in Los Angeles, but I know for many, it's winter! And there's no better way to spend a chilly evening then cozying up with family while sharing some tea or hot chocolate, cookies and a few books, don't you think? These fun Etsy finds make for a great night in and I'm especially loving the recycled and handmade twig lamp that gives off just the perfect amount of light.

How do you spend winter evenings? Any favorite organic hot chocolate or tea recipes?

Old School farm Vintage Senango Cups

Luncheonette Vintage Drama Queens Book Bundle

Whimsy & Spice Earl Grey Sandwich Cookies

Solstice Home Vintage Wool Plaid Throw

The Light Store Hanging Recycled Twig Lamp

Old School Farm Vintage Enamel Coffee Pot



JOSIE'S PICKS Giving Thanks

When you have unique pieces that you really cherish for the table, setting it up for Thanksgiving can be almost as fun as chowing down on the feast. My philosophy? Collect treasures that matter to you so that the meal feels special along with making the day about sharing in general. I know when my family gathers, we babble as much as we gobble remembering holidays past and telling funny stories (sometimes resulting in hilarious embarrassment). Finally, we each go around the table and say something we're thankful for.

What are you thankful for?

1. Organic Feather Tea Towel 2. Brass Candlesticks 3. Vintage Gravy Boat 4. Glass Dessert Dishes 5. Vintage Gold Band Cups and Saucers 6. Woodland Cutting Board



One of the wonderful things about autumn is going out for a hike with good company especially after being on the go so much. Throw some organic trail mix and a thermos of warm tea into your picnic basket, gather your blankets and scarves into your rucksack and bound out into nature to have a day away.

Here are a few vintage and organic finds for a great seasonal hike.

Happy trails,

1. Infusion Rucksack 2. Vintage Thermos 4. Autumn Picnic Basket 3. Vintage Red Lantern 5. Wheat Colored Neckwarmer 6. Organic Granola