JOSIE'S PICKS Little Creatures

Having a 5-year-old, I'm always on the hunt for toys and fun things that will inspire Rumi's imagination and make her playtime whimsical and interesting. As a family, we really make our focus about creativity through interaction and games rather than teaching her to turn to the TV for entertainment. Yes, she's seen me on QVC a few times in her life, but this is a girl who'd rather run around than stay still under the spell of the tube.

Handmade, these gifts are simple, charming and make for perfect gifts for that little creature of yours. And a little tip, if you do buy the animal set, why not purchase the book The Mitten that they were inspired by? Enjoy!

1. Rustic Patriot Girl Bunny Slippers 2. Frieda's Tierchen Fox Mask 3. Mud Hollow Felt Animals 4. Colette Bream Animal Tails 5. Hi Tree Giant Sequoias 6. Hydra Heart Vegan Shearling Hat

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