PRODUCT LOVE Argan Oil Hair Serum

Our Argan Oil Hair Serum has been getting some serious love at Sephora lately. What makes this frizz-fighter and shine-booster so special? A whole lotta love and care (oh and some very special ingredients.) Play the video above and read below to get more details!

Free of synthetic dyes: We keep dyes out of the formula so that it doesn’t react with your natural (or maybe not so natural) hair color. So it’s super safe for color-treated or extra blonde types, which are extra sensitive to added color.

Loads of Argan Oil: A lot of hair serums on the market claim to give you all the yummy benefits of pure Argan Oil, but in reality their formulas contain only a teensy bit—not enough to actually nourish your strands. Our formula not only contains unprecedented amounts of Argan Oil, it also contains other beneficial oils like jojoba and avocado. Our serum not only styles hair—it treats it!

Alcohol-free: We don’t add any alcohol to our formula, so you never have to worry about it drying our your strands. Alcohol not only dehydrates hair, it can make it weaker and more brittle.  We say, no thanks.

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