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JOSIE ANSWERS Argan Goodness for Babies

Hello, my beauties.

 I love getting questions from Chicological readers, and recently a reader named Kelly asked a great one. She's wondering how to use Argan Oil on the delicate skin of her newborn and her five year old daughter.

My six-year-old and five-month old daughters Rumi and Indi are both Argan babies. I use Argan Oil on their skin the same way I use it on mine. Rumi Joon loves it so much that if I don't keep my eye on her, she'll drench her hair with it.

Here are some tips for using your fave JMC goodies on your little ones:

100% Pure Argan Oil: Add Argan Oil to your baby’s bath or rub it on their skin after their baths. I use Argan Oil on Indi Joon to moisturize her hair and scalp. It's one pure, organic ingredient, so I feel good using it on my babies' pure, organic bodies. 

Argan Balm: I use Argan Balm on Indi Joon to prevent chapping and diaper rash. A little goes a long way to keep her beautiful, soft skin protected and hydrated.

Bear Naked Wipes: Like most kids, my daughters are great at finding ways to get grubby. Bear Naked Wipes are handy-dandy for clean-ups on-the-go.

With love,


P.S. If you have a question for me, leave it in the comments and maybe I'll choose it for the next "Josie Answers!" 


JOSIE'S TIPS Magic Marker Lip & Cheek Stain

The temperatures are dropping, and before you know it, everyone’s going to be rocking that smoky eye look that we all love so much. But why does cold-weather makeup have to be so one-note? Can’t we try something a little more…colorful? I'm so psyched that my Magic Marker Lip and Cheek Stain won a 2012 Allure Best of Beauty Award. The prize has renewed the appreciation that my JMC ladies and I have for this long-lasting, lightweight stain. Around the office, we’ve been flaunting Flamenco and whipping out Waltz for a fresh take on the Fall face. Here are my best tips for getting the most from your Lip and Cheek Stain.


Go Bare A bold lip + a bold eye + rouged cheeks = overkill! I suggest you focus on the lips and leave the rest of your face beautifully bare. Choose a bright, bold shade that complements your skin tone. (Flamenco seems to work for everyone!) Too naked for you? Pat some Argan Illuminizer onto your cheekbones and brow bones to give your skin some radiance.

No Undercoat Needed I know it’s tempting, but don’t apply balm before your lip stain. Most lip balms are oil-based, which keeps water-based stain from absorbing into your lips. Instead, lightly scrub lips with an old toothbrush to exfoliate, and follow immediately with lip stain. If you're batty for your balm, put it on top of the lip stain.

Move Beyond Berry Beauty magazines and blogs claim that berries, plums, and reds are the only Fall-appropriate shades. I say, step outside the box! Try a poppy coral like Jive, or a bright pink like Jitterbug (and bonus, it’s part of our Breast Cancer Awareness collection this month—15% of proceeds go to City of Hope). So unexpected! If you’re feeling more traditional, try Fox Trot, a deep berry wine, or Quickstep, a rich plum.

With love and luscious lips,


P.S. Don’t be afraid to get cozy with your someone special. This lip stain lasts even through a steamy evening of smooches. xoxo

Images via: Frijolita, Style.com, Bellasugar, Weheartit


CHICOLOGICAL GUEST POST Teri of Beautiful Makeup Search

You know we like a good DIY beauty recipe over here at JMC. So when Teri Cosenzi, the creator of beautifulmakeupsearch.com, shared her must-have body scrub recipes, we were running-not-walking to the kitchen to whip some up. As a busy mom of four, Teri is an expert on makeup and skincare that not only works, but fits into her sometimes-hectic schedule. Teri’s been living, breathing, and blogging beauty for the past 11 years—bringing a whole lot of know-how to her avid readers. Take it away, Teri!

Simple Sweet Sugar Scrubs

There is no denying that fall is coming. Beside the drop in temperature, I notice a big change in my skin around this time of year.

Over the summer, I spent a lot of time outdoors in the sun, in the pool and in the ocean. With the little color I soaked now up fading, and my self tanner routine over; my skin is very dry and uneven. Sure, it has been neglected for the last few weeks, and it needs to get back to it’s better, soft self.

To help my skin along the way, I give my whole body a nourishing scrub at least once a week. My favorite scrub doesn’t come from the store; it comes right from my kitchen shelves.

My DIY Skin Care Scrubs are simple and sweet. Each scrub requires just two ingredients—sugar and oil. 

DIY Light Body Scrub

For a light scrub, I mix one cup of granulated white sugar with enough Vitamin E Oil to make a thick paste. I take it with me to the tub and scrub it in circular motions all over my body. The simple-to use scrub helps rid my skin of dead cells, allowing it to take in the nourishment of the Vitamin E Oil. If you have never used a body scrub before, this easy and gentle.

DIY Coarse Body Scrub

For a heavy-duty scrub, I mix one cup of dark brown sugar with olive oil. Again, I use this in the tub and scrub it in circular motions all over my body. This scrub is best for skin that is use to body scrubs, can handle more exfoliation and needs more hydration.

After using each scrub in the tub, I carefully rinse off (careful--it does get very slippery in there when using oil) and just blot my skin with a towel. I do not fully dry. To seal in the moisture, I slather on some of my favorite body moisturizer. 

After a few simple sweet sugar scrubs, my skin is already looking better and feeling softer.


Not a DIY girl? Check out our brand new Argan Sugar Balm Body Scrub, exclusively at QVC. It’s loaded with yummy, glowing skin ingredients like Shea Butter and, of course, lots of Argan Oil. Your skin will thank you!

Brown Sugar Image via Family Dinner Book


PRODUCT LOVE Argan Oil Hair Serum

Our Argan Oil Hair Serum has been getting some serious love at Sephora lately. What makes this frizz-fighter and shine-booster so special? A whole lotta love and care (oh and some very special ingredients.) Play the video above and read below to get more details!

Free of synthetic dyes: We keep dyes out of the formula so that it doesn’t react with your natural (or maybe not so natural) hair color. So it’s super safe for color-treated or extra blonde types, which are extra sensitive to added color.

Loads of Argan Oil: A lot of hair serums on the market claim to give you all the yummy benefits of pure Argan Oil, but in reality their formulas contain only a teensy bit—not enough to actually nourish your strands. Our formula not only contains unprecedented amounts of Argan Oil, it also contains other beneficial oils like jojoba and avocado. Our serum not only styles hair—it treats it!

Alcohol-free: We don’t add any alcohol to our formula, so you never have to worry about it drying our your strands. Alcohol not only dehydrates hair, it can make it weaker and more brittle.  We say, no thanks.



Natural Nail Products

Here in the office, we’ve been talking A LOT about our nails recently—our Manager of Product Development, Jenn, has been sporting some wacky and wild nail art that has sparked a wave of serious nail envy. Among us chicological gals, all things nail polish and nail art have gotten a pretty bad rap due to all the chemical-laden formulas out there.  But—hooray—there are some eco-conscious alternatives that have us striping, polka-dotting, and bedazzling our digits. Here are our fave eco tips for nails.

Be Free: “3 Free” that is. Look for nail polishes that are free of these three no-no ingredients: toluene, dibutyl phthalate, and formaldehyde. Josie’s favorite “3 Free” brand right now is Priti NYC, which was started by fellow mom Kim D’Amato when she was pregnant with her first kid.

In the Buff: Our VP of Sales gave us a great idea yesterday. When she goes to get a manicure, instead of having polish applied, she asks for her nails buffed. And boy do they sparkle! It looks like she has a clear coat on top, but it’s all her natural shine.

Argan Nails: You know we couldn’t talk about nails without giving some props to the ultimate cuticle oil—Argan Oil! It moisturizes those hangnails and dry nail beds like nothing else. You can even put a drop on your freshly painted nails to repel water and dust while it’s still tacky.

Images Via:

Priti NYC

The Beauty Department



JOSIE ANSWERS How is JMC Argan Oil Different? 

Making Argan Oil

With so many new oil products on the market, I'm getting lots of letters and calls asking how our Argan Oil is different from others. What makes is special? What are you "voting with your wallet" for when you buy it? Here's why my pure and natural wonder ingredient is—in my humble opinion—the best of the best. 

1.It's 100% Pure and Organic

Every bottle of my 100% Pure Argan Oil contains only one ingredient. It's not a blend. It contains no preservatives, fragrances, or other oils. Also, it's 100% organic: as clean and natural as skincare gets. It's so pure, it's edible. After all, why would you put something on your body that you wouldn't put in it?

2. It's First Cold Pressed

Like the finest olive oil, the Argan nuts in my oil are pressed only once, and heat is never applied to them. This ensures that all the vital nutrients—including Vitamin E and tons of essential fatty acids—are kept intact, the better to make your skin healthier and happier.

3. It's Good for People & the Planet

Argan Oil not only helps you look and feel great, it also helps the environment, and the women who produce it for us. Every purchase of my 100% Pure Argan Oil supports women’s co-ops which, in turn, provide the women of rural Morocco with a steady income, fair wage, and literacy classes. The co-ops also help protect the Argan forests and ensure responsible harvesting practices and reforestation. 

Want to see how Argan Oil is traditionally extracted? Take a look below!


CHICOLOGICAL GUEST POST Zoe of Macaroon Original

As a curator of all things chic in fashion, beauty, and baby goods, Zoe Schaeffer truly has an eye for the "next big things." Zoe's blog, Macaroon Original, profiles everything from vibrant new nail polishes to snuggly onesies for baby. Zoe embodies the modern American mama: fashionable, beautiful, and oh yeah, a great parent. Check out what Zoe has to say about her adventure sampling all-natural deodorants.  


I remember while working as a beauty editor for Mademoiselle, we weren’t allowed to write about deodorant because it was “too gross.” Well…copy that. But as I grow older, learn more about my familial history with breast cancer and read about the dangers of parabens and sulfates in beauty products, I’d say it’s a topic worth broaching, nasty or not. My blog, http://macaroonoriginal.com/ is devoted to all things beautiful, but this not-so-beautiful subject is what’s on my mind this moment, making it hard for me to write about anything else.

Summer in LA is not a choice time to make the big switch, this was my season of transition. When researching brands of natural deodorant to try, I asked a bunch of friends (whose collective response was “yeah, they don’t work”). So I decided to take it to the web. Some of the big name beauty brands were getting slammed left and right, and I will not mention them out of respect. But along came some comments about Living Libations, a company I’ve known about, that have some other groovy products with things like, “Love Wine” and “Seabuckthorn Hot Lover Lips.” Now we’re talkin’! If I’m going to rub essential oils under my arms, it’s gonna be from a company that also makes “Wild Child Healthy Gum Drops.”  Meaning, this might mean a lifestyle change for me too! I remember hearing about their Poetic Pits (Yup! That’s the name) and how its small roll-on has a lovely scent and is cute to boot. And then I read an emphatic quote online from a devoted yogi that said, “I wore this to my Hatha Yoga class and when I came out, someone told me how delightful I smelled.” Really? Let’s give this a whirl. The one I chose was “Rose Glow” (the one the yoga lady suggested) and it’s made up of lovely things like sandalwood, rose otto, and geranium, which sounded better than parabens and aluminum any day.  My road test occurred while blueberry picking in a farm outside LA, where I surrounded myself by safe friends and family (so not to offend anyone outside the inner circle.) And while I kind of reveled in my new modern hippie persona, subtly smelling of floral essences while plucking berries with my children, I must admit, I still felt a little unprotected. I’m used to surviving Manhattan summers, subways and all, feeling like I could brush up against an ex-boyfriend, and still feel cool as a cucumber. But being outdoors in the wide-open plain and still feeling a bit vulnerable was a challenge.

My verdict? While this roll-on is the one I will continue to use (it’ll be amazing on balmy days and cool evenings,) it’s going to take a little getting used to.

Josie….do I smell a new product launch in the works?


GREEN YOUR ROUTINE Superpower Ingredients

Here at JMC, we are bonkers, cuckoo, crazy about Argan Oil. We love its anti-aging and hydrating properties, its ability to clear up blemishes, and the dewiness it lends to our skin. That’s why Argan Oil is infused into nearly every one of our products, from eye shadow to lip gloss. But there are lots of other exciting ingredients in our products, too! Let us introduce you to a few of them.

Hyaluronic Acid: This hydration-boosting miracle acid naturally occurs in skin and helps repair tissues. Applied topically, it boosts elasticity, hydration, and the production of collagen. We've added it to our Magic Marker Lip & Cheek Stain, to help keep your lips plump and hydrated, never tight and dry. 

Coconut Oil and Coconut Water: Coconut oil has long been known as an incredible skin moisturizer. Recent research suggests that this thick, white oil, solid at room temperature, also helps prevent and control psoriasis, eczema and skin infections. Coconut oil makes an appearance in our Whipped Argan Oil Body Butter, where it pairs with Argan Oil to give some love to your dry, rough patches. Coconut water is also a skin-soothing miracle. It’s yummy to drink, and also awesome for the skin. That’s because it’s packed with cytokinins— plant hormones that guard against aging and boost elasticity. Plus, coconut water is full of antioxidants, which contribute to skin health and vitality. Here's an insider secret: our Product Development team has added whopping amounts of coconut water to an upcoming JMC product that we’re all excited about. Keep your peepers peeled for its debut. 

Aloe for Hair: After a sunburn, there's nothing that cools your skin quite as well as a dollop of Aloe Vera gel. But, have you ever tried it on your hair? It’s got antibacterial and antifungal properties that keep dandruff and scalp irritation at bay. Aloe also contains magnesium lactate, which soothes itchiness. Aloe juice has been used for centuries to hydrate strands and promote shinier hair. You can find it in our Argan Bohemian Waves Hair Mist


INTRODUCING The Argan Skincare Ritual

Remember those three-step skincare systems that every thirteen-year-old girl got from mom when she started having problems with her skin? Well, this kicks it up a notch, without using harsh chemicals. Josie's Argan Skincare Ritual is a cleansing, nourishing, and protecting system infused with 100% Pure Argan Oil. Argan Cleansing Oil dissolves makeup and impurities, 100% Pure Argan Oil nourishes and hydrates skin, and Argan Daily Moisturizer SPF 40 keeps your complexion safe from the damaging effects of the sun. Made with natural, good-for-your-skin ingredients, this new 'n improved skincare ritual is perfect for all skin—even you extra-sensitive types.


GET-THE-LOOK Jenn's Purple Haze

With a shock of purple running through her black hair, and a love of t-shirts with dinosaurs on them that change color in the sunlight, Jenn is one of JMC’s most vibrant characters. (And, as you can imagine, we have no shortage of vibrant types.) As our Manager of Product Development, Jenn's always introducing us to the next big thing in beauty and skincare, leading us toward the latest trends. Here, Jenn schools us in the art of the vibrant eye, featuring her signature shade: purple.

1.     Apply your shade of Argan Tinted Moisturizer to your face to even out your skin tone. (Jenn blends Linen and Desert to make her perfect match.)

2.     Apply Argan Color Stick in Petal Pink to your cheeks and blend toward your temples.

3.     Blend together the two lightest shades in the Argan Beautiful Eyes in Beautiful Purples palette and swipe across each eyelid.  

4.     Using Magic Marker Argan Liquid Liner, line your lower and upper lashlines.

5.    Pack both the light lilac and rich amethyst shades from the Beautiful Purples palette onto your brush.    Apply on top of the liner, smudging out to create a soft effect.

6.     Apply the lightest shade from the Beautiful Purples palette to the inner corner of the eyes to highlight.

7.     Apply two coats of GOGO Instant Natural Volume Argan Mascara to your top and bottom lashes.

8.     Finish the look by applying a rich coat of Argan High Gloss Lip Quench, and shine on!