The attacks in Boston are still impossible for us to comprehend. That something so cruel and violent could take place at such a joyful occasion still makes our minds spin. But, as with many of these horrific events that our country has endured within the last few years, we are bolstered and uplifted by the tales of heroism, compassion, and good that have bubbled up to the surface like geysers of cool water, soothing, though perhaps never fully healing, the pain in our hearts. One such tale of good came to us this morning, when one of our own, product developer Jenn, took part in a Run For Boston at the Santa Monica pier. Hundreds of runners came out to run in solidarity for those that were affected by Monday’s attacks. We asked Jenn to share her thoughts on the experience, and what she hopes to convey to others in the running community about the attacks on Boston.

What effect did the attacks in Boston have on your running community?

It was so hard. I think the first feeling was one of being really violated. That someone would take an event that’s such a big celebration of the hard work of thousands of individuals and tarnish it in such a horrific and violent way is inconceivable. Seeing the videos, I couldn’t help think that that finish line looked like every finish line I’ve crossed. I’ve been there. I could imagine how panicked they must have been. How afraid. But it did unite us all together. Runners stick together—there’s a huge sense of community and support in the running community and that can’t be broken.

What did the run this morning represent?

I felt like it was something I owed to the running community as a whole to represent L.A. and show our support for Boston. Even though we’re on the other side of the country, we love them, believe in them, and support them. But we also always say “we run for those who can’t,” which was especially true today. There are a lot of people who will never be able to run again because of this attack. We wanted to pay tribute to those people and be their legs.

What was the atmosphere like?

It was 6 a.m., but even though it was early, the energy was electric. Everyone was ready to run. There was a big group hug with hundreds of people. There were runners of all ages and abilities. It was touching to see everyone come together, even on such short notice. There were a lot of Boston jackets and shirts of people that had run in Boston this year and previous years.

What would you say to people who want to help:

The Governor of Massachusetts and the Mayor of Boston put together a fund for those injured and their families. I encourage everyone to donate what they can. Give blood if you’re able. And if you’re a runner, don’t be afraid. This act was committed to incite fear. Keep running races; keep getting out there—we are a resilient group as runners and as Americans. Keep doing what you love.

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