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A DAY IN THE LIFE Philadelphia Style Party


I feel so lucky that I get to be on the cover of this month’s issue of Philadelphia Style! To celebrate the issue, the mag threw a seriously swanky party last night at Hotel Monaco in Philly. It gave me an excuse to throw on a glam dress and some makeup and hang with some of my favorite Philly peeps—even the gorgeous models who show off my Argan goodies on QVC got to join me! Here are some pics of the bash. Thank you, Philly Style! You made me feel so welcome in my second hometown.




Images via: philly.com


A DAY IN THE LIFE Video Shoot on the Farm

It’s been a whirlwind week! I’ve been spending lots of time at QVC, promoting Deluxe Argan Oil (only available for a month, people!). The farm is my base of operations but yesterday I went to New York for an event hosted by the cool website Daily Candy. They got a group of established entrepreneurs (yes, that means moi) to mentor young, burgeoning business owners in our fields. I got to meet and work with some awesome up-and-comers in beauty who are sure to be big soon.

Right in the middle of all this hustle and bustle, we did a video shoot on the farm focused around an exciting new product we've got coming out in the spring. Top secret, except for those of you lucky Argan ladies who've gotten to sample it (hint, it has infinite uses). We worked on the video from sun up to sun down with the JMC Hollywood team, who bunked with us at the farm. My mom kept us all well-fed, as always, and at the end of the day, she threw us a beautiful dinner party—a delicious reward for a long day of hard work.

With infinite love,



A DAY IN THE LIFE Indi's Growing Up! 

Indi Joon Getting Bigger

Can you believe how big Indi Joon is already? She’s still such a little girl, but I’m already feeling like time is passing too quickly! Soon she’ll be in school like Rumi. I’m taking lots of pictures to document her early life—I know she’ll want to look at them later. I’d love to hear what the other mamas out there do to hold on to their kids’ early years. Scrapbooks? Albums? Please share!

With love and lots of baby pictures!




With Rumi Joon's school starting soon in L.A., we will have to say goodbye to our farm in Pennsylvania for a few months. While I'm excited to see all my friends and family and get back into my California routine, I can't help but feel a little sad. It's been so nice to be out in the beautiful countryside, watching my older daughter play in our backyard, and my baby daughter get bigger and bigger against the backdrop of growing sunflowers and ripening tomatoes. It's been a summer I'll never forget—and I can't wait to spend more time with my family later in the year here on the farm. 

With love,



A DAY IN THE LIFE Playing Dress Up 

It's so fun to play with your kids' looks when they're still too young to express their own tastes! Rumi Joon is definitely her own stylist, but Indi Joon is still my little dress-up doll.

With love, socks, sneakers, and hats,



A DAY IN THE LIFE memorial day crab feast

Memorial Day is kind of a strange holiday, isn't it? I mean, the purpose of the day is really serious—to commemorate the soldiers who gave their lives for our country. Most of us celebrate the day with BBQs and picnics. I guess it makes sense to want to spend Memorial Day with friends and family. I know I always do. It seems like the best way to honor everything I'm grateful for.

Our family had a great day on the farm in Pennsylvania, where we're staying till our new baby's born. Ali, my mom, some friends from QVC, and a few of our neighbors celebrated with a crab feast at our place. We chowed down on bushels of Old Bay-seasoned crabs and fresh corn on the cob. Rumi Joon and her new friends splashed around in a kiddie pool, and a few of us tried our luck at fishing in the pond. (Plenty of fun, no fish!) 
We did a taste test on two cheesecakes—one that my mom made, and one we got at a roadside stand. As usual, my mom’s won. When the sun started sinking, we took a walk around the farm to work off all that food. Rumi Joon and I finished off the night with a snuggle in the hammock. 
On the more serious side, President Obama spent the day honoring Vietnam War soldiers at Arlington Cemetery. I love this quote from his speech:
“For all of you who carry a special weight on your heart, we can strive to be a nation worthy of your sacrifice. A nation that is fair and equal, peaceful and free."

I'd love to hear about how you spent Memorial Day. I'd also like to know what you think we can do to make our country more fair, equal, peaceful, and free. Share, please!

A DAY IN THE LIFE: Josie's Birthday


Hi Argan Beauties! Today is my birthday and my amazing coworkers threw me a little party at the office to celebrate! The event was complete with a delicious fish tacos, cake, and lots of great music. I even showed off my DJ skills! 


Everyone pitched in to get me a pair of great chairs for my porch in Pennsylvania, plus a special pink one for Rumi! Makes me feel so lucky to have such an amazing group of people care about me. 

Tell me about your best birthday ever! 


A DAY IN THE LIFE Pennsylvania Summer


In a few weeks, Ali, Rumi Joon, Baby (due in July!) and I will be moving to Pennsylvania for the summer. We are staying in an idyllic farmhouse with 200 acres in the countryside—a far cry from the busy, bustling streets of L.A.! Here are a few pics of our new outdoor playground. I can't wait to make daisy chains with Rumi and welcome my new little bean into the world in Pennsylvania. 


A DAY IN THE LIFE Making Terrariums

Sending you love from Pennsylvania (my home away from home) again! What I love about coming out here, besides visiting QVC, of course, is how green it can be. Los Angeles is sunny and warm, but the trees? Well, we could use a few more. So when I'm here, I enjoy getting out and hiking around, visiting farms and being in nature. Now that March is here, I can bundle up in a sweater and be outside all day.

While I wasn't glammed up for the Q, I was busy getting my hands dirty by making my own terrariums. I know, I know...they're everywhere, but how fun are they to make? And playing in the dirt never goes out of style, right? So here are a few snaps of my indoor gardening adventure.

How was your weekend? Any green thumbs out there?


A DAY IN THE LIFE Tree Trimming

Rumi Joon and I just wanted to share a little holiday spirit with you after our weekend in Pennsylvania. When we're out there for QVC, we stay at the home of friends. Because we're out there so often, this has become our second home and so, we all gathered around the tree as one big "family" to decorate the tree! Well, Rumi was Chief Elf in charge of this project, but we all tried to help her.

Hoping you had a wonderful weekend with your little elves (or big elves)!