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A DAY IN THE LIFE Making Terrariums

Sending you love from Pennsylvania (my home away from home) again! What I love about coming out here, besides visiting QVC, of course, is how green it can be. Los Angeles is sunny and warm, but the trees? Well, we could use a few more. So when I'm here, I enjoy getting out and hiking around, visiting farms and being in nature. Now that March is here, I can bundle up in a sweater and be outside all day.

While I wasn't glammed up for the Q, I was busy getting my hands dirty by making my own terrariums. I know, I know...they're everywhere, but how fun are they to make? And playing in the dirt never goes out of style, right? So here are a few snaps of my indoor gardening adventure.

How was your weekend? Any green thumbs out there?



I'm almost home lovelies, but until then I wanted to leave you with a few snaps from my time in Pennsylvania. Check out this little cafe! Great name, right? I also really got into the season with my venture about a local farmers market. Think they'll let me carry on a bucket of pumpkins on the plane?

Also, what are you going to be for Halloween?