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Last weekend, the JMC family took a wonderful trip to Oceanside, CA to spend the weekend by the beach. We sunbathed on the sand, frolicked in the water, and shared delicious meals at night. The JMC kids--ranging from ages 1 to 9 years old--joined in on the fun, happy to have so many friends to play with in the surf.  We can't wait for our next company bonding adventure!


BEHIND THE SCENES JMC at the Downtown Women’s Center 

Helping other women achieve their dreams is something that’s very close to my heart. I’ve actually been participating in empowerment workshops for the last few months to learn how to empower the women around me. As part of this effort, I visited the Downtown Women’s Center on Skid Row in downtown L.A. along with some of my wonderful JMC coworkers. We helped in the donation center, did makeovers at the mammogram clinic, and made a meal for 150 women! It was such a rewarding day—we had the opportunity to meet so many women with truly remarkable stories of hardship, growth, and triumph.

Have you ever volunteered at a women’s shelter in your area? Share your stories!

With love and empowerment,




Hi Lovelies!

Today, I want to introduce you to some very important members of the JMC family--our wonderful sales team! This beautiful group of people works in our field, across the country from here in Southern California, to Oklahoma, all the way to New York.  They work every day with the customers and staff at Sephora stores to educate and spread the love of JMC products, inspiring our customers every day to make healthier product choices. Oh, and they're pretty amazing makeup artists too! Keep an eye out for one of these shining faces at your local Sephora store--and be sure to pounce on them and pick their brilliant brains on everything JMC!

Lots of love,



BEHIND THE SCENES Fall 2013 Photoshoot

Hi Lovelies!

I had so much fun yesterday at the photoshoot for our Fall 2013 campaign! I can't tell you what we're launching yet except that it's another amazing Argan Oil innovation. Stay tuned for more!

Lots of love,



BEHIND THE SCENES Education Video Shoot

While Josie’s been working hard at QVC, we’ve been doing some work of our own here in L.A. getting ready for the upcoming year and all the (super exciting!) new launches we have coming up in 2013. A very important piece of this prep is making sure all our fab coworkers in the field have the tools they need to train Sephora’s team on all the new Argan goodies. To help them out, we put together short training videos for our newest products. This year we shot here in the office with our very own JMC ladies as our models. After all, no one knows how to get the most from our makeup than the people who helped create it!

Are you dying for a Josie Maran tutorial on a specific product? Let us know in the comments! 


BEHIND THE SCENES Harvey Doyle Hudgins

It’s official. We have a new man in our lives and we think it’s love. Meet Harvey Doyle Hudgins, the super cute new addition to the JMC family. Named after the 6’ tall imaginary rabbit in the classic Jimmy Stewart movie, Harvey, our new canine buddy was rescued from an L.A. shelter by our Manager of Product Development, Jenn. When Jenn first brought Harvey to the office, the poor little guy barely left his crate, shaking uncontrollably when anyone approached. But that didn’t last for long! After just a week in Jenn’s care, Harvey quickly warmed up to the entire team, playing long games of fetch and climbing in our laps during meetings for impromptu snuggles. Now he struts into the office every morning excited to see all his friends and destroy a few tennis balls.

To us, Harvey Doyle is more than a dog and a new friend; he’s a reminder of the importance of giving all creatures a little love and encouragement. If you had told us just a few weeks ago that the trembling, cowering puppy in the corner would turn into a happy, affectionate dog, we would have never believed you. But with just a little tenderness, Harvey has become the dog of our dreams. 



Coco, who is the Controller here at JMC, is a pretty awesome chick. In addition to having the best candy jar on JMC premises, Coco also has a fierce passion for doing good. A few months ago, Coco told us that she would be participating in the Bike MS Coastal Challenge in Ventura, CA and asked us to lend her our support.

In classic JMC fashion, we jumped in to help. Our Creative Director, Tom, designed a flashy “Team JMC” bike outfit for Coco. We all donated, and Josie and Ali matched every dollar donated, reaching Coco’s goal of raising over $1600 for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. But let’s be real: our contributions were nothing compared to the contribution Coco made, riding 160 miles to help fight this terrible disease.  We sat down with Coco and asked her about her experience and why fighting M.S. means so much to her.

Why did you decide to participate?

I started biking about 3 months ago and was looking for some long distance biking event.  While searching, I found the MS Coastal Challenge—a two day bike riding event.  Many biking events are tied to charity, but this one is seriously involved in fighting MS. It seemed like a great way to do what I love while helping people who suffer from this debilitating disease.

It seems like the perfect time in my life to start doing this kind of charity work.  I appreciate where I am now, at my work—at JMC, everybody cares.  I am very fortunate to be here.   I want to give back and share what I have.  And we have a lot of LOVE at JMC. 

What kept you going when the challenge started to become difficult?

I started training every weekend and by doing a couple of other bike ride events.  I did San Diego Gran Fondo—72 miles—in September, and the OC Gran Fondo—101 miles—a week before the MS Coastal Challenge.  Every time I started climbing a hill, I thought abut my friends who supported me.  I could not let them down!!  I had each of their names on a button on my jersey to keep me going.

What do you want people to know about MS, and raising money for something they believe in?

MS is unpredictable disease. You never know when it will hit you. It is a heartbreaking disease for both the patient and their loved ones. They lose their ability to move. I chose this ride because MS doesn’t get a lot of attention. I want to help charities that have a hard time raising funds. 

To learn more about the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, click here.


BEHIND THE SCENES Five Year Anniversary Party

We know how to PARTY here at JMC. This weekend, Ali and I held a beach party at Paradise Cove in Malibu for all the JMC employees to celebrate five years of Argan beauty. We played in the water, got messy in the sand, and had lots of yummy cake. (And then had a cake food fight with Rumi Joon.) Here are some snapshots of our fun in the sun!

Toward the end of the day, I had everyone play a game where they all stepped forward in the order they were hired.  It was crazy to see how quickly our little family has grown. When the sun finally started to set behind the sea, Ali, Rumi Joon, Indi Joon and I made our way back home, feeling so lucky to have such amazing people to work with. And I’m so grateful for you, too! I couldn’t do what I do without all of you—together, we really are changing the world one lipstick at a time.

With love and gratitude,



BEHIND THE SCENES San Clemente Beach Trip

Josie Maran San Clemente Beach Trip

Over Labor Day, the entire JMC team took a trip to San Clemente for a beach bonding weekend. We had so much fun—cooking, swimming, and playing charades. We even had the JMC babies with us, ranging from 8 weeks (my Indi Joon) to 8 years old. Check out these pics from our adventure-filled weekend together.

With love and sand between my toes,




BEHIND THE SCENES Sephora Store Director's Conference

On Tuesday, Josie, Ali, Indi Joon and the JMC Marketing & Sales Teams flew to Las Vegas for the Sephora Store Director's Conference. Everyone here at the office was imagining our coworkers getting into trouble at the blackjack tables, but it turns out they were working hard, introducing our forthcoming products to the Sephora movers and shakers who were invited into a giant JMC bohemian tent draped in vibrant prints. In a hall filled with black-and-white displays, our boho spirit made quite a splash!