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JOSIE'S TIPS Fall Argan Eyeshadow Trio Two

As part of our Fall Favorites, we've created our Fall Argan Eyeshadow Trio Two, a color palette of sparkling plum (Chianti), soft shimmery gold (Beach) and a matte pink brown (Oak). These three colors combined create a rich palette that compliments every eye shade. Our inspiration? Not only wines, the harvest and natural autumn tones, but interiors like the ones above that use aubergine to highlight a space and liven up the earth tones of woods, metals and tile.

Here are my tips for using these three hues to make your peepers pop:

-For an all-over, care-free mauve, use your fingers to first blend Oak over your lid followed by a touch of Chianti. Do the same near your lower lash line (like above). The wine color will soften by using both together.

-Add a sparkle to your eye by using Beach to highlight your brow bone and inner corners.

-For a stronger look, start with Oak and blend on top lid. Then take Beach and using a soft eye brush, blend in the inner corner of the top lid to about the middle of the eyelid. Take Chianti and blend along the top line, and into the outer corner of your eyelid to create a smokey purple look.

-For a contrasting pop of color, use Chianti on your bottom lid and Oak on the top (see above).

-Tip: These colors go really well with our Argan Eye Liner in Brown.


JOSIE'S TIPS Argan Self Tanning Cream

Now that autumn has arrived, you're probably finding that you're not spending so many (sunblock covered) hours outdoors. The days are shorter and sweaters are everywhere! But this doesn't mean you can't have a healthy glow. My Argan Self Tanning Cream is perfect to get sunkissed sans harmful rays because autumn or not, as my mom always told me, one of the best aging secrets is to avoid too much exposure anyway.

Here are my sun-free tanning tips:

-Start by exfoliating your skin with a homemade scrub. You can mix one part Epsom salt and one part 100% Pure Argan Oil for a depuffing skin conditioner, or organic essential oil or honey and rock sugar which acts as a very rich emollient. 

-One you've rinsed and dried your skin, use the 100% Pure Argan Oil all over your body, focusing on elbows and knees.

-Making crosshatch motions, rub the Argan Self Tanning Cream over body (think front and back and side to side), going around (or skimming over) knees and elbows, and around face. Once finished, wash hands immediately.

-Color will become more noticeable over a week's time.

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