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After perusing around Roost, we've found so many other wonderful journals by equally talented writers and photographers. La Buena Vida, the vibrant blog of Brooklyn photographer Nicole Franzen, is a joy to read and so vivid that you'll feel the warmth emitting from her posts. A vegtarian, she also offers up scrumptious recipes that, even around this time of year, will satisfy both the meat-eater and veggie alike.

In short, we're sure you'll be as enchanted as we are. Happy browsing!


A DAY IN THE LIFE: Elves' Faire

Rumi and I dressed up in our elf princess best this weekend to join the many families at her school for the Annual Elves' Faire, a winter festival starring Father Winter, a Jack Frost Bake Shoppe, this giant bird's nest and of course, many elves (a.k.a. the happy kids running about). It's a tradition we look forward to!

What are your holiday traditions?


JOSIE'S PICKS Gettin' Spooky

With Halloween around the corner, you can find orange and black decorations in the shapes of pumpkins, witches and black cats easily. But what if you want to decorate in a more subtle, spooky way? I suggest homemade and vintage curiosities found on Etsy so that your All Hallow's Eve is whimsical, eco-friendly and ever-so-grown-up. Used as centerpieces for a festive feast or to pepper your place, these picks will surely set the mood and will last you for years to come. Happy haunting!

1. Vintage Book Trio 2. Handmade Amber Medicine Bottle 3. Vintage Handmade Wooden Cups 4. Nesting Geode Dishes 5. Vintage Owl Print 6. Spooky Autumn Twisted Tree



On the boxes of my cosmetics you'll find this printed:

“I believe in balance.

I believe that doing the right thing can be glamorous.
I believe in beauty without the baggage.”

While this speaks to my beauty philosophy, this also extends to how I want to live my life. How I think about work + play. How I strive to be.

As part of the journey through Chicological, I will be sharing ideas on healthy, active and green living whether from my own experience or from the friends and family that help me achieve this balance. And a huge part of this community is the team at Josie Maran Cosmetics. Every Wednesday, we throw on our workout clothes and sweat it out in an hour of serious exercise. Sure, it's grueling and we see each other red-faced and tired, but it brings us together. Starting next week, we'll give you a peek inside our "Workout Wednesdays" and bring you wellness tips to hopefully make your life better. So maybe you'll join us by running in your own neighborhood or simply by eating a nutritious breakfast, but whatever it is, just think: balance.

Sending you love from the Big Apple,