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Ms. Icy gave us a very simple answer to our question, "What is your favorite escape?", but with one look at a photograph of the lavender fields in Japan and you can't help but feel the peace and tranquility.

Congratulations Icy and thank you for sharing this beautiful part of the world with us!


WINNER Goodbye Winter Skin

How could we resist this face when selecting our winner of the Goodbye Winter Skin Giveaway? Actually, Katherine gave us some great tips for getting through the cold and we thought that Schmoopie and his sweater just added to her great entry. Congrats!

How does she do it? To survive winter Katherine:

  • Begins the day with a cup of hot water and lemon to replenish her body and get her blood flowing. 
  • Puts on some sunscreen (and sweaters for her and the pup) and heads out for a brisk walk with Schmoopie to get some fresh air and start the day truly awake!
  • Drinks room temperature or hot water throughout the day to stay hydrated and warm.
  • Eats seasonally to keep her body in balance.
  • Treats her hair to a weekly mask for extra moisture.
  • Keeps active with yoga (which can be done in the warmth of the indoors).

Wonderful tips and truly a great routine to survive the season. As for Schmoopie, send us more photos Katherine! What a doll.