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GIVING BACK Giveaway Winner

Thanks to all the Argan Beauties who entered our Giving Back Giveaway. We cherished all of your responses, and found Nancy's story of donating her mother's clothes to battered women's shelters especially touching.  Nancy, we love your realization that anyone could be in a rough situation, and we all rely on the graciousness of others. Giving back is such a beautiful way to show thanks for the blessings we have, and share them. Congratulations, Nancy. Your prize, Argan Matchmaker Powder Foundation SPF 20, is on its way to you.



Hi Argan Beauties! I so enjoyed reading all of your messages of congratulations and wishes for my little Indi. She is already so full of life and spirit. While I loved each and every comment, Charlotte’s post really touched my heart in special way. Congratulations Charlotte, a bottle of my Argan Oil is on its way. Thank you again to everyone for your continued support. I am so grateful that my little jelly bean is surrounded by so much love each and every day.

With much love and joy,


P.S. That’s little Indi Joon in a bed of rose petals! 


WORKOUT WEDNESDAY giveaway winner

A big-bellied thanks! to all you moms-to-be who sent in your pregnancy workout tips. (Just in time for me to use them—baby #2 is due in just a few weeks.)  And big congratulations to Erin, whose tip to keep it moving made her the winner of our "For Two Fitness" giveaway contest. Erin, I know you ’ll look great breaking a sweat in your new workout gear. Send pictures, please!


31 WEEKS & MOTHER'S DAY winner


Thank you to all of you who entered our Mother’s Day giveaway. We loved reading your heartfelt and loving memories. Myda’s story of her family coming together on Mother’s Day in the wake of such incredible sadness to celebrate Mom brought tears to our eyes. Congratulations, Myda. Sounds like you have a truly amazing family. 



Thanks to Stacey for giving us a fresh fresh take on a green beauty routine. A simple three ingredient recipe, this is a perfect scrub for spring. Congrats Stacey! We hope you love our 100% Pure Argan Oil. 


MY HERO Winner

Kim, we wish your mom happiness, health and recovery! Your story melted our hearts—your mom truly sounds like a brave and strong woman. Congratulations on your win and send our love to her from our whole team! To all of the people that sent us stories of your heroes, we thank you so much. You inspire us daily.

Have a great weekend!



To read all of the submissions for the Share the Love Giveaway was wonderful and brought us to tears. We can't thank you enough for taking the time to share your love with us. And to Pam, you're an inspiration! May we all stop and see the love and beauty in the world more often.



Like many of you, I snuggle up with Rumi, read books, and play outside, but nothing beats dancing around the house (or even the yard)! Kelly, I'm with you. Spending time with your kids by exercising and having a great time is a blast.Plus, it's so great to see them learn their own moves and find confidence through dance.

Congrats on winning our Mama Essentials Giveaway! And to the rest of you, thanks for sharing your special moments with us.